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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has prompted the worst informational environment ever. We hope readers will collaborate in mitigating the fog of war — both real fog and stage fog — in comments. None of us need more cheerleading and link-free repetition of memes; there are platforms for that. Low-value, link-free pom pom-wavers will be summarily whacked.

And for those who are new here, this is not a mere polite request. We have written site Policies and those who comment have accepted those terms. To prevent having to resort to the nuclear option of shutting comments down entirely until more sanity prevails, as we did during the 2015 Greek bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 election, we are going to be ruthless about moderating and blacklisting offenders.


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Nature: Visit to bald eagle nest reveals a different kind of ‘family’ Columbus Dispatch (furzy)

‘An Immense World’ Review: Where Beasts Have Us Beat Wall Street Journal (Anthony L)

World’s largest freshwater fish found in Mekong, scientists say BBC (resilc)

Nepal to move Everest base camp from melting glacier BBC. Micael T: “‘For instance, we found that people urinate around 4,000 litres at the base camp every day,’ he said.”

Nonsense on Stilts: No, LaMDA is not sentient. Not even slightly Gary Marcus (Anthony L)

Anthropomorphization and beyond: conceptualizing humanwashing of AI‐enabled machines Springer (David L)

Google Insider Claims Company’s “Sentient” AI Has Hired an Attorney Futurism (Dr. Kevin)

No #COVID-19 today! First time since early 2020! Not because not warranted but because I got my nose in too deep in geopolitics to forage for Covid stories. So please feel free to make up for this omission in comments.


L.A. needs 90,000 trees to battle extreme heat. Will residents step up to plant them? Los Angeles Times (David L)

Vietnam Imprisons Leading Environmentalist on Tax Evasion Charges The Diplomat (dk)


China’s comprehensive, systematic and elaborate response to Secretary Antony Blinken’s China policy speech —— Reality Check: Falsehoods in US Perceptions of China Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States (Chuck L). Important, although it does go on a bit much, but this can be regarded as the master talking points document from which Chinese officials can hoist key facts and arguments. It’s very strong on some points, like various aspects of US trying to dress up its imperialism as protection of democracy, not so much on China’s actions vis a vis Hong Kong.

US building ‘asymmetric capability’ for Taiwan island pure ‘daydreaming’ Global Times

‘Very troubling’: Emails reveal US alarm over China-Solomons pact Al Jazeera (resilc)

Marcos to tap China’s assistance for economic recovery Asia Times


In Assam’s worst-hit district, floods have meant food is running out – and so is drinking water Scroll

Commission president calls to end unanimity in EU foreign policy decisions Politico (Kevin W). Mind you, this is to facilitate the entry of Ukraine and Moldova and Lord only knows who else….


The deafening silence over Brexit’s economic fallout Financial Times (David L)

Ex-Northern Ireland secretary accuses Boris Johnson of ‘Putinesque tactics’ Guardian (resilc)

Old Blighty

Biggest Rail Strike in 30 Years Brings UK to Standstill Reuters

Whenever Johnson has a problem, he calls Zelenskiy – and the bill is rapidly mounting Guardian (Kevin W)

New Not-So-Cold War

When The Lies Come Home Douglas MacGregor, American Conservative

UKRAINE UPDATE (June 18, 2022) – with Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern Garland Nixon, YouTube. Good discussion of China and Iran as well.

Some hard thoughts about post Ukraine Graham Fuller (Moon of Alabama)

Ukraine minister Kuleba accuses critics of being ‘enablers of Putin’ Responsible Statecraft. Resilc flags this part:

There is a great desire to help the Ukrainian people defend themselves from the illegal and brutal invasion. But the President of the United States is elected by American citizens, and has sworn an oath to defend them and their interests, too. That includes protecting the U.S. economy and keeping America out of conflicts that are not in the vital security interests of the United States, or confrontations that will lead to senseless devastation and killing overseas.

* * *

Anger as Lithuania bans transit of goods to Russia exclave Kaliningrad Euronews (furzy)

Russia warns it will ‘take actions’ against NATO member Lithuania after blocking sanctioned goods Daily Mail (resilc)

Russia reveals number of victims from drilling rig strikes RT. Kevin W: “I think that this story is important. If nothing else, it will convince the Russians that they cannot leave the Ukrainians with any coastline at all.”

Arestovich is a Ukraine spokescritter:

* * *

EU warns against fossil fuel ‘backsliding’ as coal replaces Russian gas Financial Times. Empty exhortations as an attempt to cover for lack of planning.

Netherlands To Burn More Coal To Conserve Gas OilPrice (Kevin W)

* * *

Right between the eyes: Putin to the West at the St Petersburg Economic forum Gilbert Doctorow (guurst)

Key Points From DPR Leader Denis Pushilin’s Speech St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022 YouTube. Remarkable that this has gotten little notice. Watch at 1.25x

Ukrainian Students Are Taking Haunting Grad Photos in Rubble Created by the War MyModernMet (David L)


The Insane ‘Option’ of Attacking Iran Daniel Larison (resilc). Is it just me, or do most of the US geopolitics pieces of late seem to be written by people with brain worms?

Israel heading to elections, Knesset to disband, Yair Lapid to become PM Jerusalem Post (resilc)

Later: Early election poll shows: No 61-seat majority for either side Jerusalem Post (resilc)

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Return of Industrial Warfare Royal United Services Institute. PlutoniumKun: “Short version – the west has destroyed its own ability to wage war.”

Why are States we don’t like ‘Regimes’ while friendly ones have ‘Governments’? Juan Cole (resilc)

The United States leads the world in incarceration. Why? Vox (resilc)


Exclusive: Trump’s Team Setting Up Eastman to Take Blame for Jan. 6 Rolling Stone (David L)


Trump ratchets up attacks amid questions about his presidential viability The Hill


Biden Taps Anti-Social Security Ideologue To Oversee Program The Lever

Biden says he’s nearing decisions on gas tax holiday and student loans as he tries to tame costs CNN

‘We Were Felons’ The Tyee (Dr. Kevin)

Our No Longer Free Press

“Terminated” Susie Bright (Paul R). If you weren’t concerned about Google, this might change your mind.

The Rich Get Richer Jed S. Rakoff, New York Review of Books (J-LS)

He’s the first buyer of the electric F-150. Why he’s the future of the car industry NPR (David L)

Trump ratchets up attacks amid questions about his presidential viability Bloomberg

Elon Musk Has Gone Off The Rails, Will He Take Tesla & SpaceX With Him? CleanTechnica (Paul R)

Class Warfare

Larry Summers Says US Needs 5% Jobless Rate for Five Years to Ease Inflation Yahoo. BC: “Larry Summers, Man Of The People….NOT”

The Wall St. Billionaire and GOP Mega-Donor Gaming the Tax System ProPublica

Tesla sued by former employees over ‘mass layoff’ Reuters (resilc)

‘It was stolen from me’: Black doctors are forced out of training programs at far higher rates than white residents STAT

Antidote du jour (Stephen T):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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