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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has prompted the worst informational environment ever. We hope readers will collaborate in mitigating the fog of war — both real fog and stage fog — in comments. None of us need more cheerleading and link-free repetition of memes; there are platforms for that. Low-value, link-free pom pom-wavers will be summarily whacked.

And for those who are new here, this is not a mere polite request. We have written site Policies and those who comment have accepted those terms. To prevent having to resort to the nuclear option of shutting comments down entirely until more sanity prevails, as we did during the 2015 Greek bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 election, we are going to be ruthless about moderating and blacklisting offenders.


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Narita airport deploys net traps to stop turtles infiltrating runway Bangkok Post (furzy)



The Wild West Outpost of Japan’s Isolationist Era Narratively

Best Spy Books Five Books. Lots of  personal favorites on these lists, including Eric Ambler, John le Carré, Erskine Childers, Fitzroy MacLean, and Olivia Manning. Ben Macintyre weighs in with recommendations, but no one else mentions his excellent books – try Operation Mincemeat, Double Cross, or Agent Zigzag if you’ve not yet had the pleasure.

The Hidden History of Marijuana Narratively

La Digue: The Seychelles’ tropical biking paradise BBC

These hackers showed just how easy it is to target critical infrastructure MIT Technology Review

Anna Quindlen on the Power of Writing by Hand Literary Hub

Gaslit and Watergate: The enduring draw of a 1972 conspiracy BBC

Nicholas Kristof’s Botched Rescue Mission How the lauded Times columnist lost the race for governor of Oregon before it even began. New York Magazine


Why We Can’t ‘Boost’ Our Way Out of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Long Term The Wire

1 in Every 200 NYC Children Have Lost a Parent or Caregiver to COVID. That’s Almost Twice the National Rate.  The City

Fauci confirms parents’ nightmare: FDA may delay COVID vaccines for kids under 5 Ars Technica


Coronavirus: Shanghai’s new cases rebound after five-day decline, with no end in sight for lockdown South China Morning Post


How to Design a Pandemic Preparedness and Response Fund Mariana Mazzucato and Alan Donnelly.


N.C. becomes second U.S. state to report unusual cases of hepatitis in kids Stat

New Not-So-Cold War

Discontent Grows in Berlin over Chancellor’s Ukraine Response Der Spiegel

Why isn’t ​Germany supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons? Deutsche Welle


Russia-Ukraine live news: Russia confirms Moskva ship casualties Al Jazeera

No Response From Ukraine On Diplomatic Proposals Presented By Russia: FM Sergey Lavrov Republic TV


Exclusive: Goldman, JPMorgan among banks left holding Russian stocks by sanctions switch Reuters

The fall of Yandex, the shining star of Russian tech France 24 (furzy)


Synthetic Left Joins Corporate Right in Getting Ukraine War Wrong Covert Action Magazine (chuck l)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is applauded by children as he officially STRIPS Disney of its 55-year-old special tax and land privileges after Biden slammed ‘ugly’ GOP for ‘going after Mickey’ Daily Mail

Tennessee May Soon Require Drunken Drivers to Pay Support to Victims’ Children WSJ (furzy)

Class Warfare

Why is Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyer Attacking Antitrust Enforcers? BIG. Matt Stoller

Revisiting Liar’s Poker, 30 Years Later The Big Picture. Barry Ritholtz.

Crime Stoppers of Houston Has a Tip: Vote Out These Judges Marshall Project

It’s okay to opt out of the crypto revolution MIT Technology Review (furzy)

Here’s what’s driving the nationwide teacher shortage The Hill

Delivery Workers NYC Consumer and Worker Protection. Starting 22nd of April, new rights kick in for NYC delivery workers.

Howard Schultz blasts unions as ‘outside force’ trying to disrupt Starbucks NY Post (The Rev Kev)

Blaming Workers, Hiding Profits in Primetime Inflation Coverage FAIR

Corporate profits have contributed disproportionately to inflation. How should policymakers respond? Economic Policy Institute

Conditions at Mississippi’s Most Notorious Prison Violate the Constitution, DOJ Says ProPublica

Court Should Consider Taking Over Dept. of Correction, Warns Manhattan U.S. Attorney The City

Biden Administration

Rejoining the Iran deal would be a ‘victory’ for Dems to tout in midterms Responsible Statecraft

Biden Job Approval Stuck in Low 40s Gallup

The Groves of Academe

To Get Into the Ivy League, ‘Extraordinary’ Isn’t Always Enough These Days WSJ

Old Blighty

‘Ignorant’: Amnesty Slams Boris Johnson’s Visit to JCB Factory Amidst Demolitions The Wire

La belle France

Live: Macron and Le Pen face off in debate ahead of French presidential run-off France 24

The French Far Right Comes on Little Cat Feet The New Yorker (furzy)


Waste Watch

Hard work and dying dreams on Planet Plastic People’s Archive of Rural India, Any account of recycling and waste management in Mumbai reminds me of Katherine Boo’s excellent book,  Behind the Beautiful Forevers.

L’affaire Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein, a Rare Cello and an Enduring Mystery DNYUZ

Big Brother IS Watching you Watch


Climate Change

Ontario might reduce its gas tax. Alberta killed its tax. Will this mean more driving? The Narwhal

Climate change triggering global collapse in insect numbers: stressed farmland shows 63% decline – new research  The Conversation

Jet-set Biden vows ‘climate-friendly’ military, flexes gas-guzzling Corvette NY Post

Dishonoring Earth Day 2022 with An Oil, Gas, Coal & Nuclear Heyday Counterpunch. Ralph Nader.


How Villagers Living Near Coal Power Plants Lost Health, Water Security India Spend

The Museum of Prime Ministers: How family vanity makes Gandhis blind to reality Firstpost

De-escalation of border conflict with China the way forward, says Rajnath Singh Hindustan Times

‘They Burnt My Parents Alive’: Gujarat Riots Still Haunt Victims The Diplomat

Fact check: Has extreme poverty in India really dropped below 1%, as a new IMF paper claims? Scroll

Historian Romila Thapar: ‘There’s always been this feeling in India that Russia is misunderstood’ FT

Interview: Priya Satia on the ‘earnestly deliberate hypocrisy’ of the British Empire India Inside Out. Rohan Venkat.


Why India-Pakistan relations will continue to remain frosty despite Imran Khan exit Firstpost

Linking India-Pakistan Trade to Intractable Issues Does No One Any Good The Wire

What’s Driving Pakistan’s Political Crisis? The Diplomat

Sharif to beg Saudi and China for a financial lifeline Asia Times

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Problems Are Anything but Organic The Wire


China’s Economists Are Getting Into Modern Monetary Theory Bloomberg (furzy)

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